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Why Advertise?

Quite simply you may provide a fabulous service / wonderful products but to get customers you need to tell people about your business…

… and you need to do so on a regular, repetitive basis.

People need to hear about you lots of different times so that they recognise you, remember you and can recall your name when they need your service. So, in practical terms it is better to run a smaller advert for longer rather than a larger advert for a short amount of time.

Connection magazines are delivered regularly to the same homes so local residents are familiar with their local edition and will see your advert regularly, building recognition and recall of your service.

Why Print?

In today’s digital age there are so many ways to communicate with your potential customers but print has a unique advantage – it has a physical entity; you can pick it up, feel it and turn the pages. This makes printed magazines like my local Connection magazines and the adverts within them, especially memorable to local consumers…

… and after all, grabbing a quiet ten minutes with a cup of tea and a beautiful magazine is still one of life’s pleasures!

Why The Magazine Connection?

My aim with The Magazine Connection is to make sure local residents want to pick up and read their local Connection Magazine when it arrives through their door so we have:

  • A local photo on the cover, never an advert – this immediately draws our readers in
  • Excellent paper - it feels high quality when residents pick the magazine up
  • Strong memorable design – so it is immediately recognisable
  • Well written features & local content – which are interesting to read
  • High quality production values – which means the magazine (and your advert) look great

All of which ensures that when I talk to local residents they tell me that they “read, keep and use” their local Connection magazine to find local businesses.